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The Adoption Episode with Hillary Biscay

Hillary Biscay, adoption
Hillary Biscay

Ultraman World Champion Hillary Biscay discusses adoption and shares the roller coaster ride that brought her and baby Madison together

WiSP IronWomen is presented by Sara Gross & Alyssa Godesky

Sara and Alyssa discuss both sides of adoption as one of their favorite guests, Hillary Biscay, opens up about her decision to adopt baby Madison Frankie. The Smashfest Queen and Ultraman World Champion explains why she and husband Maik chose to adopt, the ups and downs of the process, and how life has been so far with their baby girl.  Plus news of two recent guests—Haley Chura and Linsey Corbin—who finished in the top five at the South American Ironman Championships, we hear about a former pro’s amazing recovery from leukemia, and Sara talks about her own adoption; being reunited with her birth mother and half siblings after 40 years.

“It was so crazy and so lucky that Uncle Muffin was able to apprehend Dad on the way to the airport. And we’re going to tell her (baby Madison) the story every year on her birthday of how Uncle Muffin saved the day on the day of her birth.”  Hillary Biscay

Podcast length: 28’45”

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