Lizzie Carr has Turned Paddleboarding into an Environmental Campaign

Lizzie Carr
Lizzie Carr [Photo: Ben Moore]

Surviving cancer has inspired one English woman to turn a sport into an environmental campaign to clean up British waterways while making history for women

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“When I was in hospital sitting on my hospital bed thinking when I get through this, if I get through this, I just have to promise myself that I’m gonna lead a life that’s more meaningful to me to and I’m gonna spend more time with my family and friends and not be glued to emails, I’m just gonna live a much more positive, fulfilled life.”

At the age of 25, Lizzie Carr was diagnosed with stage 2 Thyroid cancer that not only turned her world upside down it also made her question her purpose in life and redefined her priorities. She determined that once her treatment was completed and she regained her strength she would put aside her corporate career and embark on a mission she decided would be not only more fulfilling but change the course of her life. So Lizzie took up paddle boarding as a low impact way of regaining strength and fitness after her diagnosis. She then combined it with a national campaign to rid Britain’s waterways of plastic pollution and became the first woman to paddle 400 miles of Britain’s inland waterways on her plastic patrol collecting water samples and trash. This year she became the first woman to paddle board the English Channel solo… that’s 24 miles from Dunganess to Boulogne in 7 hrs while also on plastic patrol. Both of these adventures challenged her physical and mental endurance and now in remission Lizzie has become a woman on an important environmental mission.

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Photo – Ben Moore
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