Testimonials for WISP Sports


“WiSP Sports is a place to share in the achievements of women in sport. Celebrating the diversity of sporting talent across the globe and bringing it together for everyone to enjoy. Inclusive and accessible, a chance to be inspired, encouraged and to share in a world in which we all play our part, whether as a participant on the world stage or on the local playing field, as a behind the scene supporter or an armchair fan. Join the WiSP family and gain access to unrivalled top quality sports’ coverage by a team at the top of their game.”

Joanne Corrigan, former BBC Sports Producer


“WiSP Sports if filling a much needed void in coverage of all women’s sport. It demonstrates an almost uncanny ability to unearth the best, most powerful stories and never fails to engage its listeners.  WiSP Sports has managed what so many others have failed to do: brought to light the dedication, determination and, above all, passion of female athletes around the globe.”

Inga Wolframm, Sports Psychologist


“”I’m so glad to be part of the fantastic WiSP Sports Podcast. It’s a chance to offer a stage and a voice to women who are often overlooked. It proves that sportswomen are important too and I look forward to contributing more in the future.”

Zoe George, NZ Co-Host & Radio Producer


“I have devoted my life to the sport of Disc Golf, which is relatively small compared to most sports out there in the world. I was so honored that you took the time to get to know my sport and allow me to tell my story within it on your podcast. Thank you for sharing our stories with the world, and bringing light to all the hard-working and passionate female athletes around the globe.”

Valarie Jenkins PDGA Women’s Committee Chairwoman


“As a woman, a sports player and a fan of all sports, I actually didn’t realize what I had been missing in terms of women’s sports coverage until I began researching the news items for my slots on the show – there is just so much great women’s sport going on out there. Well done WiSP for starting to break down the veils that hide that sport from us.”

Sarah Juggins, UK Co-Host & Hockey Journalist


“I support WiSP because they give women’s sport a voice. It’s an organization that champions the current and next generations of sporting stars and tells their stories with a passion. I’m proud to be apart of something so special.”

Harriet Eastman, Soccer Presenter


” I support WiSP Sports because we need this type of coverage for women. Often times you find women cheering or supporting men’s sports more than women’s  sports because of the lack of opportunity and coverage. It’s important we keep women supporting women sports to stop the abrupt end that most females face in their sport and to keep the younger generation interested in women’s sports and teams. I thank WiSP Sports for being a vessel for this purpose that’s bigger than all of us.”

Kendra Chambers, Track & Field Athlete



WiSP Sports Mission Statement 

The core values of WiSP Sports are based on the following principles to:

  • Honor women’s stories and the right to play
  • Maintain women’s dignity 
  • Protect women’s integrity in sport and society
  • Strive to achieve gender equality and fairness in all sporting endeavors
  • Empower women of all generations
  • Celebrate the achievements of women athletes in all sports

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