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Locker Room Talk: Prejudices Facing Muslim Athletes

Shireen Ahmed
Shireen Ahmed

 A new threat to Title IX, to the 2024 L.A. Olympic bid, prejudices facing muslim women athletes amid the ‘uncertain chaos’ in the U.S.

Sara Gross and Kelly O’Mara take on more important topics in women’s sports from the potential undermining of Title IX under the new U.S. Secretary of Education, to the free movement of Muslim women competing in the U.S. during the ‘uncertain chaos’ surrounding immigration, and the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) ban on the hijab.  We hear about prejudices facing muslim women athletes.

Muslim soccer player, journalist and activist  Shireen Ahmed stops by to explain the real concerns of Muslim women in sport who face prejudice. “When I started to wear a headscarf when I was in university—I played at the University of Toronto— playing soccer at that level wasn’t going to be possible anymore because of my choice to cover so I rode crew, which was a blast,” said Shireen.

The ‘nefarious’ threat to the Los Angeles  2024 Olympic bid caused by the U.S. immigration ban is discussed; plus Kelly has a Gripe of the Week that involves tights and yoga pants.  On the bright side Cuba has its first female boxing team that’s worth a mention in the Hype of the Week, and Nigeria is preparing its first Bobsled team for the Winter Olympics.

Locker Room Talk discusses the important issues facing women of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds as they take part in sport at all levels around the world. It’s our mission to expand the conversation focusing on diversity and equality to facilitate its continued exposure.


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