Walk Dont Run

Walk, Don’t Run: S1E2; Erin Taylor-Talcott

Erin Taylor-Talcott [ Emmanuel Tardi]

Erin Taylor-Talcott shares her vision for women in race walking with equality and opportunities

Chris Stafford and Cindi Leeman are joined by Race Walker Erin Taylor-Talcott to discuss gender equality in the sport, her competition plans and musical career.  Erin was born and raised in Oregon, where she first learned to race walk at the age of 11.  Having a career that has now spanned over 25 years, she’s won many competitions and raced all over the world.  She’s best known for being a pioneer for women’s equality in race walking, striving to make the 50K a distance for women internationally.  She’s the first woman to compete in a men’s Olympic Trials event which she did in 2012 at the men’s 50K Olympic Trials where she placed 6th.  She’s the winner of the first ever Area Championship for a women’s 50K which she did in 2015 in Arica, Chile.  And she’s the first woman to compete in a gender-blind competition when she raced at the IAAF World Team Championships of Race Walking in Rome, Italy where she placed 39th in the world.  When she’s not training she’s living on her small farm in Upstate New York with her husband Dave who is also a race walker, the cows, the chickens and the cats.  She loves classical music, having majored in music performance in her undergrad and masters.  Highlights of her music career include performing solo at Carnegie Hall.



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Photo: Emmanuel Tardi
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