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WiSP World New Zealand: Sophie Devine, Zoe George, Sarah Cowley, Tamsyn Hayes, Ashley Abbott, Maryanne Batey

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NZ Cricketer Sophie Devine and Zoe George talk Ironman Triathlon, cricket, netball, media coverage, Olympic Ambassador Program and yes… Sheep Shearing!

sophie devineWhite Ferns Cricketer Sophie Devine joins our Zoe George in the co-host chair this month. We hear from Ironwoman Tamsyn Hayes on prepping for Challenge Wanaka, translating mountain running to the Ironman shuffle, and how she’s had to adapt after the difficult birth of her baby; sheep shearing makes its debut on WiSP Sports as Roysey Maryanne Batey tells us what it’s like to be gearing up for the World Shearing and Wool Handling World Championships in Invercargill next week—only in New Zealand. We talk media coverage of Olympic athletes with Ashley Abbott from the NZ Olympic Association and producer Laura Keown chats with Olympic Heptahlete Sarah Cowley about the Olympic ambassador programme.


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<> on February 12, 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Ashley Abbott

Maryanne Batey

Maryanne Batey






Sarah Cowley

Sarah Cowley






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Special Thanks to Radio New Zealand.

Producer: Laura Keown

Photos:  Supplied by Tamsyn Hayes blogspot/Maryanne Batey/Sophie Devine
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