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Kacey Bellamy; Olympian & Poet

Kacey Bellamy, Team USA Ice Hockey, Calgary Inferno,
Kacey Bellamy

Team USA Gold medalist Kacey Bellamy on why she signed up for Calgary Inferno, being an Olympian and the heart behind her poetry plus Coach Shannon Miller’s tactics for Reading the Gap

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Podcast length: 29′ 35″

On this week’s episode about creative people and play, Coach Shannon Miller’s guest is multi-Olympian and World Championship gold medalist from Team USA Kacey Bellamy who tells us why she wanted to play for Calgary Inferno. We also hear about why she loves writing and recently published her first book of poetry. And there’s a little know fact about this Olympic puck star that involves driving!  Plus Shannon continues to explain her tactics for OZ Entry – Reading the Gap that the defenders give and being smart in playing that gap; some creative play options.

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– continue to discuss OZ Entry – Reading the Gap that the defenders give and being smart in playing that gap – sharing some creative play options…

This week’s guest is Kacey Bellamy – US Olympic hockey player, leader, and published poet. Kacey is a creative person and player.

Today’s Side Bar will be a great quote for women.

AND this weeks drill of the week is “OZ Entry – Smart on the Rush – this drill will allow you to teach the concepts that I am sharing today in this podcast – the drill of  the week will be posted on my FB page @coachshannonmiller, on Thursday.

Thank you for joining me, I’m honored to have my own hockey podcast show on WiSP Sports, and to be part of the most popular and influential podcast organization for women in sports globally.

Offensive Zone Entry – Versus a Poor Gap and a Good Gap

On the last podcast I talked about OZ Entry vs a Poor Gap

  • brief review of a few points:
  • stop or delay once over the blue line, allow line mates to drive the defenders back and take that ice your self and shoot w that traffic going to the net; or hit the second wave of the attack (4th attacker) skating into that ice.
  • Double or Triple Drive – puck carrier and 2nd and 3rd attacker all go to the net. Take the ice they’ve given you, go hard to the net, and create space in behind for the 4th attacker. This attack really pressures the defenders and the goalie.
  • Overload Tactic – 1,2,3 all overload one half of the ice, pulling defenders over, and creating space on the weak side for the 4th attacker.

OZ Entry – Options versus GOOD GAP (not a lot of ice between defenders and puck carrier – defenders playing “up” … tighter ):

* Average players need to know their skill level and play within themselves. Average players should utilize the ice in behind the defenders, by placing the puck into that space and aggressively go get it.

* Highly skilled players should be given more freedom to create offensive chances off the rush. Encourage and help your players to know their abilities and make good decisions for themselves.

1.  IN-DIRECT PLAYS – chipping the puck in behind the defenders – for yourself or for teammates:

a) Slash Support – teammates come across hard to overload the area where the puck is going to be placed.  When puck carrier sees slash support coming, she knows to chip in behind/placing the puck for teammates to skate onto.

b) cross corner pass – pass the puck off the end boards so it comes off at an angle for teammates to pick it up or shoot off that pass or make a play.

c) soft chip – put the puck in the corner, behind the defenders and away from the Goalie (so Goalie can’t play puck) – makes the defenders turn and go get it – creates a footrace.

d) hard rim – rim it into the zone to force Goalie out of net to play the puck – may get a good bounce or Goalie may make a mistake under pressure. Can also hard rim it past the Goalie (too hard for her to play it), and its an indirect pass all the way to the hash marks to the weak side player busting in.

2.  Lateral Movement – carry the puck across the ice as you approach

defenders. Most defenders will continue their backwards motion, creating gap. With more gap, now the puck carrier and other attacking players can be more creative on the attack.

3. Cross and Reverse on the entry – again, the defenders may continue BW motion, giving you a little more time and space – reverse pass to X2 – forces defenders to make a decision and communicate with each other – do they stay up and stay with their checks, or are they backed off far enough to say “switch” which means hold your lane and switch checks.


Control of Speed – IF defenders have good gap, you can slow down a bit, creating more space between you and the defenders. You can also STOP to separate yourself from the defenders.

OZ Entry – Late in the period or late in the game when protecting a lead – nothing fancy at the offensive blue line – put the puck in behind the defenders, create foot races and pressure – keep the puck low in the zone.

Reminder that turnovers at the Offensive Blue Line are the most common causes of Goals Against.

Smart puck management can be the biggest difference maker in the outcome of the game.

Side Bar – A great Quote: “When a woman searches for the source of her own power and attributes it to others, she empowers them. When she starts her search at home with herself, she realizes the truth, and empowers herself.”

Today’s guest is Kacey Bellamy – a creative and successful person – a poet, a member of the USA National Team, and currently a professional hockey player. Kacey X amount of gold and X amount of silver w Team USA, Played collegiate hockey and graduated from UNH.





Photo: Kacey Bellamy (photo supplied)
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