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Shannon Miller & Caroline Ouelette
Shannon Miller & Caroline Ouelette

As the season starts to wind down Shannon reunites with her former player at UMD and 4 time Olympic Gold Medalist Caroline Ouellette

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Podcast length: 35′ 40″

Shannon Miller’s guest this week is 4 time Olympic Gold Medalist Caroline Ouellette. Caroline also competed at 12 World Championships, winning gold in 6 and silver in 6 – Caroline is also an NCAA Champion both as an athlete and a coach. Caroline played for Shannon at UMD winning an NCAA Championship, and then came back and coached with her and won another NCAA Championship. A great athlete, coach, and human being.


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Shannon’s notes

  1. You were a great young player in Quebec, we recruited you, and you played for us at UMD. You had a very successful college career as a talented player, a trusted teammate and a great leader. How did you become so strong in all those areas at such a young age?
  2. I can tell you out of all the players I have ever coached in my lifetime, you are one of my favorite human beings, and will remain so for all time. After you graduated, I was fortunate to have you come back and be an assistant coach for a few years – you were remarkable to work with – How did being a great player help you transition to become a great coach?
  3. You played for TC for so many years – you’ve experienced so much success and some so called “failures” – share some of the lessons you’ve learned from winning and from losing.
  4. As a player on the National Team, how did your role change over the years and how did you adjust?
  5. What was your approach in “handling pressure” as an Olympic athlete?
  6. There are many different personalities and egos on an elite team – you’ve been a captain and team leader many times – give us some examples of issues you’ve dealt with and how you dealt with them?
  7. You have retired after a long and successful playing career with TC – you are now coaching elite athletes – as a coach, how do you help your athletes handle pressure?
  8. What does a Championship Attitude mean to you?
  9. There is a big difference between a “winning mindset” and any other kind of a mindset for an athlete or coach. What is your winning mindset? Was your “winning mindset” different when you were an athlete than what it is now as a coach?
  10. Have you seen the new NIKE commercial that is out called ‘Dream Crazier’? What do you think about the messages in that commercial?
  11. Gender bias is alive and well in our society – Give us examples of what you do to help create social change in this area, in hopes that it will give guidance to those that are listening.
  12. You carried and birthed a child – Liv – you, and partner Julie Chu have a child, and are both actively coaching – tell us a little bit about  ‘little Liv’, and what your lives are like now?



Photo: Shannon Miller & Caroline Ouellete
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