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The Hickel Sisters Pulling on the Same Rope

Zoe & Tori Hickel
Zoe & Tori Hickel

Zoe & Tori Hickel showed how team work pays off by contributing to Calgary Inferno’s winning weekend and Coach Shannon explains why everyone has to pull on the rope at the same time to achieve success

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On this week’s show Shannon discusses Team Work, why it’s so important to ensure everyone knows their roles and responsibilities and are pulling on the rope at the same time. She shares some advice and tips for coaches and players on her secrets to success in the team work she creates. The Drill of the Week is “3 V 3 KEEP AWAY” in the NZ versus Dump and Chase. And her guests this week are sisters Zoe and Tori Hickel who have both played NCAA Division I hockey, and also in other countries: Tori played for Sweden after graduating from Northeastern University and Zoe played in China after graduating from MDU. Both sisters are presently playing on the Calgary Inferno are together performed a set piece to score a goal against Shenzhen KRS Vanke Ray last weekend. Calgary Inferno won both games — 2-0 and 6-1.

Zoe Hickel (l) & Tori Hickel

Team Work

  • Very important for the head coach to be clear w staff and players about their roles and responsibilities
  • Important to be clear about EXPECTATIONS
  • The key to team work is to accept that role, learn that role to the best of your abilities…..and be excellent at it.
  • Quote in line with this approach is “ Act well you part, there in lies the glory.” William Shakespeare
  • Once roles/responsibilities/expectations are established – important to try and get in step with one another – to establish a RHYTHM – a rhythm that grows stronger over time
  • Coaches can use the analogy of a heart beat – many cells coming together to form the heart and beat as one.
  • The analogy of a row boat – several people in the boat with oars, all trying to establish a strong, unified rhythm – IF ONE PERSON gets out of step, rows in a different direction or doesn’t row – it affects the entire boat – it breaks the team rhythm and momentum is lost
  • An analogy that is often used is pulling on the same rope – if your not pulling your dead weight – if your pulling in the opposite direction, you’re the opponent
  • Team will have issues they have to tackle – and sometimes these issues will affect your team rhythm – it’s important to tackle these issues or they will tackle you!

SIDE BAR – each week I share something “on the side” with my listeners – it could be a quote, a personal story, a current event, etc….

Today I share a TEAM BUILDING event I have successfully used many times with my teams – it’s fun, it loosens them up – and gets them moving and laughing before a game – “HAVE YOU EVER”…..

This week’s Drill of the Week is “3 V 3 KEEP AWAY” in the NZ – helps promote the POSSESSION GAME vs Dump and Chase – allows players to work on keeping their feet moving, protecting the puck, escaping pressure, sharing the puck, etc.

The Drill of the Week is posted on Shannon’s Facebook Page page – @coachshannonmiller.


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Photo: Zoe & Tori Hickel
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