Moovin and Groovin

Yoga as Mental Health Therapy

Yoga pose - Balasana

Claire explains how yoga can be used to relieve symptoms of mental health such as anxiety and depression, and offers a selection of some of the best poses to adopt

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Moovin & Groovin is hosted by Claire Deacon of Olas Ocean Tribe

Podcast length: 19′ 51″

In this episode Yoga Teacher Claire Deacon addresses mental health issues and how yoga can help anxiety, stress and depression, will share some key poses. For people suffering from anxiety in this anxious world, yoga can be a lifeline.  Whereas anxiety was considered a way to survive in the days we had predators. Claire explains that she believes thoughts become things which is why it’s important to choose the good ones, to stay positive as much as possible. She recommends being conscious of what the mind is doing, life is full of challenges and worry becomes an issue when it affects diet and sleep patterns. Anxiety can creep in when you are expected to perform beyond what is usually expected in a given situation.  The key is to banish those thoughts and how they control your life. Anxiety requires a lot of self reflection to let it go. When we are anxious we sometimes run on adrenaline and when that adrenaline stops and crashes so do we which can lead to depression. Clare describes poses to help you relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression to help you cope with day to day life and see refuge in you and the benefits it can have on your mental health. Regular yoga practice encourages you to remain calm and relaxed in daily life. Each type of yoga is infused with breathing techniques and body movements that can help you control feelings of discomfort. Yoga is designed to strengthen your mind, emotions, body, and soul. If you feel anxiety or depression creeping in, you have the strength, breathing techniques and tools to calm yourself down naturally. For those suffering from anxiety, yoga can be an absolute lifeline.


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