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Cycling Star Gives Back and a Bike Shop for Commuters

Marion Clignet
Marion Clignet

French-American Star Marion Clignet found a purpose for cycling through her epilepsy and blogger Anna Maria Wolf created a pit stop for cycling commuters

Off the Front is presented by Elizabeth Emery

Podcast length: 45′

Elizabeth Emery talks to fabled French-American cyclist Marion Clignet, and Anna Maria Wolf who founded the women’s cycling blog Pretty. Damned. Fast, and owns the commuting-focused bike shop Sun & Air in Brooklyn, NY.

Marion Clignet’s illustrious career is filled with amazing accomplishments: she was 10 time French national Champion, 6 time World Champion, twice Olympic silver medalist, and has over 250 victories, including stage wins in the Tour de France. This is even more amazing because, at age 22, she discovered that she has epilepsy. She organizes a Fund Ride to build a gym at a school for kids with epilepsy near her home in France. She started racing because of epilepsy and is now determined to help kids and their families realize that sport will play a major role in building confidence socially and physically and help them even lower their seizure threshold.

Anna Maria Wolf

Anna Maria Wolf

Anna Maria Wolf talks about her entry into cycling when she was in her 30s. Her background is in fashion and in creating amazing images, which she brought to cycling in her blog Pretty Damned Fast with the sub-heading: Women’s cycling in all of its forms, especially when it’s done with style. Anna Maria shares her path to cycling and owning the shop plus encouraging women to get on their bikes and ride.

“Cycling is so awesome, and it’s so addictive and it’s so liberating and wonderful and that sure enough a few weeks into just puttering around on the weekends, I was like, let me try riding into work, and that ended up being a really big commute and all of a sudden I was up to riding over 100 miles a week in just city riding. You know what, let me hire a coach and see where this can go!”  Nowadays, Anna Maria’s main focus is her new, welcoming bike shop, Sun and Air, which also has a coffee shop and is on the way to work for 7,000 cyclists. 

Anna Maria’s Bio

Anna Maria is a fashion editor and stylist with roots in cycling advocacy and community organizing. She is passionate about urban cycling and commuting, and has raced road for Kissena Cycling. She is an avid world traveler who loves traveling with a bike. She’s taking her first strides in cross country and downhill mountain biking. She regularly consults for fashion brands interested in adapting their clothing to the needs of female cyclists. Currently Anna Maria is the Community Manager for Levi’s Commuter jeans. She is a 2016 recipient of the QBP Women’s Mechanic Scholarship at the United Bicycle Institute. She is also the owner of Sun And Air, a bicycle shop located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Whenever she’s not on set with a fashion client she can be found fixing flats, or serving up espresso at the shops cafe.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Francis Chapman

    April 10, 2018 at 8:07 am

    Both ladies are indeed an inspiration to everyone, not only to those in the cycling community. We’ll continue to hope for the best so you may continue helping a lot.

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