Off the Track

Life After Roller Derby

Lorna Stration
Lorna Stration

Mick talks to former players Mercy Shammah and Lorna Stration about their second careers and life passions since they retired from Roller Derby

Off the Track is hosted by Mick Swagger

Podcast length: 51′ 10″

Mick Swagger of Team Indigenous and coach catches up with two retired players that she used to play with; former Wheels of Justice and Team USA player and owner and coach of Left Turn Coaching Mercy Shammah, and former London Roller Girl All-Star and Team England player, Lorna Stration (aka Cammie), to discuss Life After Roller Derby. The sport can become an all-consuming passion and lifestyle. Many people enjoy the challenge of being fit for Roller Derby with exercising, weight lifting and cross training which means working out every day of the week as well as practicing derby. The phrase: “I can’t, I have derby,” is a badge of excitement and honor when we’re new and soon our social circle becomes our team mates and other players until our life’s path moves away from Roller Derby. As we part company with other players we separate from friends that were a big part of our lives. When you’re still in derby and you watch them leave you hope they will still stay in touch, taking up coaching or officiating or even in the management of the team, or at the least come and watch a game. While some stay involved in the sport others take off in different directions. Mick talks to two women who’s lives have left a big impress on her.

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Photo: Lorna Stration from her website
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