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Shoe Fitting and Orthotic Prescriptions

Leaving the starting blocks

Ready Steady Rehab is hosted by Dr. Heather North

Podcast length: 11’35″

On this episode, Dr. Heather North explains how shoe fitting and foot movement has that there is no scientific evidence to favor orthotic prescriptions.  Shoes that change eversion or control the foot don’t really change the movement path but rather range of motion. Foot pronation or eversion may not be a contributor to running injuries. It’s an interesting analysis of how feet behave and the importance of examination of your feet as an athlete to ensure you adapt to changes and wear the exact right shoe for your foot and your activity.  More notes below.


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Episode notes contd…

Shoe fitting and orthotic prescription

Softer shoe insole

Comfort for insoles

No big changes in injury prevalence in the last 50 years since the 70’s.

Impact forces appear to be unrelated to running injuries.  Faster runners have more impact but don’t get injured more often.

Foot pronation or eversion may not be a contributor to running injuries.

Anecdotal example.

Shoes that change eversion or control the foot don’t really change the movement path but rather range of motion.

Good running shoe may allow for the movement path to be easily attained thus using less force and muscle activity.

Comfortable shoes show less injury rates and also show less oxygen consumption.

Full body gait analysis vs foot analysis is really the way to go in regards to preventing injury.


Dr. Heather North

Heather North holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado.  She is the owner of Red Hammer Rehab in Louisville, CO that specializes in sports-related orthopaedic injuries and prevention.  This practice has won “Best Sports Medicine Rehab Facility” and “Best Sports Medicine Doctor” year upon year since it’s opening. Heather’s focus is on sports medicine and orthopaedic manual and manipulation physical therapy.  She is known for being aggressive with injuries and focusing on discovering and fixing the mechanics behind each and every injury.  She believes that it is important to continue to learn the newest and most up to date techniques. Heather’s philosophy revolves around getting patients recovered quickly and teaching them to sustain a healthy state.  Injuries can only be eliminated by addressing bio-mechanical causes and then aggressively treating the damage created from these issues.  When not in the clinic, Heather enjoys road/trail running, mountain biking, coaching for Revolution Running (she is the group’s in-house physio), and spending time in the mountains with her husband Ewen.  She regularly competes in races all over including the Pikes Peak Marathon. Heather was a college level swimmer and has even tested the waters with triathlon in her post-collegiate years as well.

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