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bad posture

Dr. Heather North explains ways to counter bad posture with exercises and what to avoid in your lifestyle to avoid long-term postural habits and injuries

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Ready Steady Rehab is hosted by Heather North of Red Hammer Rehab

Podcast length: 14”’29”

On this week’s episode Dr. Heather North explains why and how we need to be mindful of our posture in our daily routines and  takes us through a range of exercises to counter those habits. And why it’s important to recognize how our postural habits can become long term problems with joint changes if we don’t take care of our body and make a conscience effort to include frequent stretching.  See more notes below.

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What symptoms might you have?

What causes this issue?

Don’t stretch tissue wrong way

Desk positioning

Iphone, Ipad

Sport specific

Why is this important to get figured out and work on it at a younger age?

Osteoporosis and bone changes

Disc height

Lung expansion

Shoulder range of motion

Ways to help alleviate the pain

1.  Wall angels

2.  Rows

3.  Stretching pectoralis muscles

4.  Rolling out over foam roller

5.  Neck exercises and looking up

6.  Spending time on your stomach

7.  Ball passing on stomach ex

symptoms of postural issues

pain in neck, shoulders, headaches

maintaining bad positions for a long time such as on the computer

often stretching the wrong way

biking, rock-climbing causes postural problems

work on improving posture while you’re young before joint changes start to take effect

know which muscles you need for your sport and make sure they are well cared for with correct posture when they are not being exercised

exercise – angel stretch,  rope, stretch pectorals muscles, rolling back over a foam roller, neck, lay on your stomach to work on opposing muscles; take a ball and pass it around your body from feet to shoulders

Focus on changing your posture throughout the day


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Dr. Heather North

Heather North holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado.  She is the owner of Red Hammer Rehab in Louisville, CO that specializes in sports-related orthopaedic injuries and prevention.  This practice has won “Best Sports Medicine Rehab Facility” and “Best Sports Medicine Doctor” year upon year since it’s opening. Heather’s focus is on sports medicine and orthopaedic manual and manipulation physical therapy.  She is known for being aggressive with injuries and focusing on discovering and fixing the mechanics behind each and every injury.  She believes that it is important to continue to learn the newest and most up to date techniques. Heather’s philosophy revolves around getting patients recovered quickly and teaching them to sustain a healthy state.  Injuries can only be eliminated by addressing bio-mechanical causes and then aggressively treating the damage created from these issues.  When not in the clinic, Heather enjoys road/trail running, mountain biking, coaching for Revolution Running (she is the group’s in-house physio), and spending time in the mountains with her husband Ewen.  She regularly competes in races all over including the Pikes Peak Marathon. Heather was a college level swimmer and has even tested the waters with triathlon in her post-collegiate years as well.

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