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Run For Your Life

Siri & Bek focus on the transition off the bike and the run with coaching tips to maximize the run up and downhill, plus how to ensure you carry the nutrition you need

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the SIRI & BEK show is hosted by Siri Lindley & Rebekah Keat

Podcast length: 42′ 48″ 

The dynamic duo behind one of the leading triathlon coaching clubs in the world Team Sirius Tri Club, Siri Lindley and Rebekah Keat, offer another jam-packed episode of their experiences and advice, this time for the transition off the bike and the run. Whether you’re an Age-Grouper who just wants to finish happy, healthy and satisfied or if you’re a pro and every stride counts to win your race, there are loads of tips here to maximize your run. Siri reveals some of the secrets of her success as an athlete and coach, including top tips for running up and downhill, and Bek shares important nutritional advice for the run; how to train and be prepared for your race, what calories you need and some of the products she used to carry with her on the run.

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transition from bike to run

quick feet, little feet

start hard and fast


run was Siri’s strength

don’t tell yourself it’s going to hurt if this is the worst part of your race – think positively – have empowering thoughts – be proactive – only allow thoughts that empower you

how do you manage your daily life – obstacles and adversity

Getting off the bike – main differences at different distances

be the best we can be

discover what you’re capable off

opportunity to grow and stretch

some may just want to finish happy, healthy and satisfied

pacing is really paying attention to your mind to do your best in every moment

Siri’s top tips for running your ideal run

  • where are you looking – chest forward – bring gaze down 10 feet in front
  • cadence – are you taking big long steps – land more on your forefoot – legs follow what your arms do
  • tight thoracic spine can come from swimming can prevent easy of drive in the run
  • foam roll your thoracic
  • anchor through the core
  • fall forward into the downhill
  • let your legs be free downhill

Bek’s top tips for nutrition for the run

– get calories in

  • coke – gatorade – water on head 150ml every 20 mins need 2 ptrs and hour
  • get nutrition on your bike
  • cravings will change
  • be prepared for odd cravings
  • bring salt with you too
  • get solids in on the bike too
  • you will need sugar to boost you racing even if it’s not your regular diet


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