Sound Bites

Understanding Your Personal Needs

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Sports Nutritionist Maricarmen Farias presents a new show with information and advice to help you make healthy nutritional choices for optimum health

Sound Bites is presented by Maricarmen Farias

Podcast length: 14’29”

Welcome to Sound Bites, a new show on all things nutrition hosted by nutritionist and triathlete Maricarmen Farias who will be sharing her passion for holistic health. We begin with the real truth on dieting and why holistic nutrition is the best way to achieve lasting health.  Maricarmen explores the reasons why eating healthy may not be giving you the results you desire in terms of health and performance. Mindfulness is a key component on sustaining the changes you make and we learn how your thoughts and beliefs will have an influence on the outcomes. We also learn how to recognize if the foods you are eating are actually nourishing you.

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Maricarmen Farias

Maricarmen is a sports nutrition expert, specializing in personalized nutrition, gut health & endurance nutrition who is passionate about life, health and self discovery. She was born in Mexico and currently living in Denver Colorado.  She has lived in three different countries and travel around the world allowing her to experience different cultures, and feed into a life long obsession to understand what brings fulfillment in people’s lives.  Maricarmen is also a triathlete, animal lover and currently on the path to incorporating functional and integrative medicine into my practice. 

Her passion for health and mindful nutrition sparked ten years ago as she began a self healing mind and body recovery journey.  It is her mission to find the inner motivation and developing self awareness to create a true lifestyle change once and for all by incorporating self care techniques and understanding biological uniqueness. For more than five years she silently struggled with an eating disorder, then, after realizing it was out of her control, decided to look for help.  Maricarmen saw endless nutritionists and doctors, spent thousands of dollars on therapy, tried numerous diets, tracked every calorie but nothing seemed to work. That was a turning point for her when she decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own path. It’s a journey that’s focused on self care, self love, awareness, lasting health and free of obsession. A path for learning to listen to one’s body and begin to focus on what works for you personally.  What was once the darkest part of Maricarmen’s life, has now become her greatest gifts. Everyday  she is on a mission to help more people reclaim their health, overcome obsessive behaviors, as well as helping athletes improve their performance, by always focusing on health first.   She shares her experiences and expertise to inspire you to make some healthy changes in your life.


Episode Topics:

• Understanding your personal needs

• The perfect diet

• The best predictor of health

• Hydration

• Pre workout snack ideas

• During workout snack ideas

• Post workout meal

• Racing in the heat

• Supplementing

• Macronutrients

• Nutrient deficiency

• Cravings

• Cramps during training/racing

• Gut health

• Eating disorders

• Grains

• Sleep

• Using the scale

• Chronic inflammation

• Meal planning

• Race fueling

• Vegan/Vegetarian diets

• Relationship with food







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