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Managing GI Distress

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GI Distress is a common condition for 70% of athletes but, as Maricarmen explains, there are a number of things that will help manage the symptoms

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Did you know about 70% of athletes struggle with GI issues? If you are one of those this episode is for you. Sports nutritionalist and triathlete Maricarmen Farias explains GI Distress; what causes it, what you can do and should do to manage it, why you should train you body for nutrition and get to know what works for you. Nutrition including sugar intake, fluids, water intake, climate and nutrition during exercise are come of the topics covered with some great tips on training your body for nutrition during exercise and races. More notes below.

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Notes from this episode:

Very intense and long exercise can cause GI distress

running causes a lot of distress in the stomach muscles because of the movement and jumping

not much can be done about exercise induced stress but we need to be aware of it

nutrition; types of food that you are eating, are you drinking enough water, type of fluids you are drinking.

environment: climate, weather – energy used for digestion and absorption of nutrients is used for cooling down the body in hot weather, keep yourself cooled down with ice, drink water after eating so nutrients can be absorbed in the gut

Glucose and sucrose are recommended as they have shorter molecules of sugar if you suffer GI issues – they don’t require as much energy to digest.

For triathletes –

Use solids when you’re biking

Gels for running

Run with a race belt if you suffer from GI issues

Take short breaks when you’re drinking to help ease GI stress

Read ingredients for whatever you eat

avoid maltodextrin

gels is a lot of sugar at once so have a little – drink water and repeat to help digestion.

be mindful of fructose intake if you suffer from GI distress

medication to ease pain such as Ibuprofen and Aleve can interfere with kidney function, fluid balance, dehydration and GI distress.

Train your nutrition as you would the rest of your body.


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