The Bolder Woman

Introducing The Bolder Woman Podcast

Meet Alex Rotas the host of The Bolder Woman a podcast featuring women over 50 and their athletic pursuits launching March 6

Meet Alex…

I’m Alex Rotas and for the last eight years I’ve been traveling the world photographing older sportsmen and women – people in their 50’s through to 100+ who are still competing in the sport they love, both nationally and internationally. Lots of people don’t even know that there are championship events for these age groups. 

I’ve been particularly interested in focusing on older women. Why? Well, if it’s true to say that sport has traditionally been seen as something that men do and that men follow – and I think it is – to the extent that, as we know, women’s sports have often been left out of the picture, then it’s doubly true to say that the achievements of older sports-women have been even more marginalized. And yet there are so many of them.  That’s something I have been, and I’m still keen, to put right.

I’m bringing my passion about sport and my activism against ageism, and all my experience of these past years to WiSP Sports now.  On The Bolder Woman we’re going to be highlighting and celebrating sporty women of 50 and over. World record holders and world champions will always be the super-stars and I know several of them. But we’ll also be normalizing the fact that if you’re a woman of 50, 60, 70, 80 or 90, then doing sport is just a regular thing to do. Sport isn’t a ‘guy-thing’ and it isn’t a ‘young-person-thing’. It’s an everyone-thing and we ‘Bolder Women’ are an important part of the story.

Click HERE for The Bolder Woman podcast starting March 6, 2019.

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