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Time Crunch Training

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Siri & Bek present a variety of sessions for athletes who have limited time to train but need to be prepared to work extra hard to be fit for an Ironman

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Siri Lindley and Bek Keat present a number of training options for athletes who have limited time to train due to other commitments such as a full-time job, and how to maximize the time. They explain that you can even train for an Ironman on 1 hour training a day if you give it 100% and are prepared to work really hard. They take us through a variety of session for swim, bike and run and remind us of the importance of REST and suggest ways that will help you get the sleep your body needs to recover every night.

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Notes from this episode:

can you train for an ironman with one session a day?

what you put in to one session or even one hour a day

strengths and weaknesses

doubt and concerns

mental and physically

plan the perfect training schedule

make up sessions

what about the volume – can you do the distance

swim to bike brick

strength – endurance

aerobic capacity

in that 1 hour you’re 100% present – putting in the effort

being able to focus and not get distracted

handle more pain than you think you can

working on mental mindset and pain threshold

quality and specificity of each session

no time wasting when you have only one hour or one session

some people don’t enjoy the swim but don’t give up the session that you need the most – your weakest link

visualize as if you’re swimming in open water

for example practice accelerating into buoy

simulate situations and technique

work on quicker stroke rate

strength and power

10 x 50m

25 easy

threshold set for fitness level – 10 x 100m with short rests

then a distance set like 1500m

don’t cheat yourself by avoiding the sessions you don’t like but you may need

learn to sight – practice sitting on feet of the swimmer in front of you

re-enact what is going to happy on race day

cover all the bases with different drills on the bike

max power session

strength work start with one minute

get up early and doing long sessions on the trainer – 4-5 hour  — 3 hr minimum

work outs are time based on the bike and run

strength training again on the run

add the long run in the hills

make one run a hilly run

get up speed – focus on technique – change duration 30-sec to 2 mins

keep treadmill at zero – don’t worry at degrees – but use the same treadmill because they are all different

don’t compare your speed on the road or trail

compare directly road to road or treadmill to treadmill

stair reps very easy if you can’t get outside – you can do them in the hotel

don’t wear your pace watch or Garman – the idea is to build strength in the legs

strength training does translates to speed on the road

you don’t want to lose fast twitch fibers so speed is important to convert them

speed work is necessary for lifting base pace

raise the ceiling of your speed

space out these sessions to avoid muscle fatigue

brick sessions are key

train your body to run off the bike


Epsom Salt bath

sleep is an important recovery tool

thank your body every day



Photo: supplied by Team Sirius Tri Club
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