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The Kona Effect

Siri Lindley & Kaisa Sali

If your goal is to race at the Ironman World Championships in Kona Siri & Bek can help you prepare for what to expect and how to get the best out of your performance

the SIRI & BEK show, hosted by Siri Lindley & Rebekah Keat, is sponsored by ReST Performance 

Podcast length: 40′ 05″

Siri & Bek talk us through preparing for the race of your life at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii which takes place on October 13, 2018. They recommend when to arrive ahead of the race and some places to train on the island to get acclimated to the conditions, especially the fickle trade winds.  They offer tips and tricks for the swim, bike, run as well as the importance of honing your bike skills to be ready for any eventuality. Bek explains the best way to prepare your nutrition, how to plan your meals and where to shop. And not forgetting the importance of sleep, to schedule meals and rest and recovery as you prepare for the big day.  More notes below:

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What is it about Kona that it causes so much anxiety

Bek – get in your head and you’re dead

tips and tricks on biking

hold your knees close to the frame to stabilize the bike downhill

practice in the wind

get to Kona a week before to get used to the wind if you can

prepare to the best of your ability

to handle with every eventuality

When to arrive in Kona.

Australians 7-10 days prior to race day.

Where to go and train out of town to take advantage of the wind and seeing the course.


Don’t eat street food or anything you’re not familiar with. Shop at Safeway.

Chicken, pasta, rice, even french fries.

Start carb loading 5 days out every meal

Extra salt on everything you eat.

Air conditioning or not?

Cool means lower heart rate and better resting and recovering.

Or no air conditioning to acclimate  but that will not help you sleep or rest so best to have AC.

Siri will be hosting sessions for Team Sirius members during Kona.

Keep your steps short, lean forward, look down right off the bike.


Grab every aid station. Don’t miss any.

Every evening do your abs exercise

Build muscle – core work is essential for every aspect of your performance.

Transfer abdominals is so important.

Plus listeners questions.

Work on every aspect of your bike skills.








Photo: Siri Lindley & Kaisa Sali 





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